Amalfi Coast

Driving down the winding Amalfi Coast, you will see breath taking views like nothing you have seen before! There are no words! It is such a dramatic contrast to anything else you may have ever seen. While on the Amalfi Coast your mind just begins to wander away and you hope that maybe you can stay there is that beautiful! Explore the hills of Ravello which we refer to as the "jewel" of the Amalfi Coast, the village of Positano, the hills of Montepertuso, the Isle of Capri with its beautiful grotto's and the town of Amalfi! This is an Italian experience that is another must in everyone's lifetime!

Bravo Italy bespoke Travel

"Our Group Trip to Italy was A Life Changing Experience! Everything was very cohesive, curated and spectacular! We had a fabulous Villa with 5 star accommodations. We were treated like Royalty and we felt like Royalty! Traveling back to Italy but not without Kathy and IBT. The only way to experience and enjoy the true flavor of Italy!" - Tara K. (September, 2018)

"Kathy reserved an exquisite Villa in Positano that catered to our every need including our own personal chef, a swimming pool and a view that was breath taking. Kathy's knowledge of the city and familiarity with the locals and their businesses only added to the romance of being a part of this wonderful culture. Kathy is truly a gem of a host that you will fall in love with as she shares her knowledge and expertise of this most beautiful country. Kathy's passion and love of Italy is highly contagious, she truly loves what she does!" - Poppy K. (September, 2018)

"Kathy arranged a great trip for nine college friends. Every detail was addressed to perfection.

This trip was by far the most spectacular vacation I have ever experienced. From airport pickup to luggage delivery, excursions, boutique hotels and dining reservations, Kathy had it all taken care of.

The Villa in Positano exceeded all of our expectations. Kathy is the travel concierge that I would recommend for the perfect escape to Italy." - Cynthia H. (October 2018)

"How lucky was I to be part of an IBT trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast The hotels in Rome were magnificent, small, chic and comfortable.

Our days were spent touring with experts, visiting historical sites, offbeat bohemian neighborhoods and unique wine bars and restaurants. Transportation was never a concern, our drivers were lovely and able to ensure our trip continued without a care.

Our Villa in Positano overlooked the gorgeous Mediterranean and included every amenity one needs. I've recommended IBT to others. For the most wonderful holiday you will ever one can ensure a better trip than Kathy Fahy and her team at IBT. " - Mary L. (September 2018)

For our 35th anniversary we decided to take a trip to Italy and a friend suggested Kathy Fahy who exceeded our wildest dreams. It was like something out of a movie set; the Villa overlooking Positano, all the reservations made in advance with the Matre D treating us as celebrities, the private boat to Capri.

Everyone over there knows, likes and admires Kathy and it is reflected in the experience. She provided a once in a lifetime trip that came well within our budget. - Tommy & Jane (May, 2016)

"...Sending you our heart felt gratitude for making every detail of every day perfect. I can't tell you how much we reminisce about what a marvelous feeling it was to be totally in your capable hands. John was in his glory...arriving to a hotel or restaurant where everyone seemed to be "expecting" us, waiting for us, catering to our every need. This is the way to travel! Our humble thank you seems woefully inadequate." - Colleen and John F. (September 2015)




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