Located in northern Italy, Milan is the capital of the Lombardy Region. The history of Milan speaks to its fascinating cultural accomplishments as a world renown leader in the Financial Business, Fashion Design, Home Decor Design, Music, Art and Architecture. The City that never sleeps moves at a pace that is unfamiliar in most Italian cities. Fashion Design and Home Decor enthusiasts will delight in the newness that has been growing rapidly over the last five years.

There are many quaint neighborhoods that now have a new life and are worth visiting. You will be inspired! Opera lovers indulge their senses at La Scala!

Bravo Italy Bespoke Travel

"For our 35th Wedding Anniversary, Kathy planned the most fascinating trip. Every detail was covered with outstanding culinary gems in Milan and Florence. She covered all of the new areas that have been developed and we felt the impact of a new more personable Milan and a modernized Florence. We had private Guides, and cooking classes in Tuscany that were beyond fantastic. Our hotel selections were unique and the accommodations were most enjoyable.

I highly recommend Italy Bespoke Travel for anyone traveling to Italy for the trip of a lifetime." Dan W. 2017




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