This fascinating region of Italy has been waiting for your arrival. It is truly unlike any other Region in Italy...from its' terrain to the food and wine. The best areas of Puglia are diverse and will keep you in awe of their unique architecture and lifestyles. Their Olive Trees are among the greatest in all of Italy and their olive oil production is one of their treasured assets. While Puglia is quickly growing in importance in the travel circles, Now is the time to plan a Villa Fantasy vacation or a romantic getaway, Capture the moment! Your first trip to Puglia will not be your last!

Bravo Italy Bespoke Travel

After two fabulous trips with IBT, I asked Kathy to suggest a few "untouched places" in Italy to visit. We chose Puglia on the Adriatic Coast. What a treat! Our trip was perfectly planned and as always IBT choreographed the entire vacation. I was mesmerized by the centenarian groves and loved I Trulli. We are thinking of returning and renting a Villa for our family. Don't miss this region of Italy... we can't wait to return! - Susan B. (May 2015)




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