The capitol of Sicily is situated on the northwest coast and is in the center of the island. It is a big city with a storied past as is all of Sicily. "Palermo is a magnificent jumble of exquisite beauty and decay, abundance and austerity and organized chaos." Once you are in the heart of Palermo and are walking through the beautiful Palazzo's and elegant Squares you feel the history come alive!

It has the intensity of Rome and yet is softened by the beaches surrounding the city. It reflects the past influence of its' different rulers; the Arabs, the Phoenicians, the Byzantine Greeks, to name a few. Understanding Palermo is paramount to understanding the Sicilian culture.

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"I have worked with IBT and Kathy Fahy for two momentous trips to Italy. The first was to Tuscany for my 40th birthday celebration with nine friends and the second was to Sicily with my entire family of 13 for my mother's 70th birthday. Everything Ms. Fahy provides to her clients is a direct reflection of the caring, meticulous and elegant person she is. She takes time to get to know every person who is taking part in the experience-the relationships, passions, interests. She makes the process absolutely seamless, enjoyable and exciting! Once you get your final Itinerary, you need not think of anything else!

The Drivers and vehicles are impeccable and professional; the choices in restaurants incredible; the art historian tour Guides are passionate and feel like family. All in all, the experiences make every trip a "trip of a lifetime."

Ms. Fahy is in constant communication with her Italian partners to make sure everything is on time and to perfection and if anything needs to change, she makes sure it is done with no stress on her clients, IBT is a find and Kathy Fahy is truly gifted in what she does." - Allyson H. July 2017




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